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PixelKey not only helps you out to grow your business but also makes su re to deliver quality work for your business. We deal with variety of clients from every possible fields.
Le Tricolore Smartwatch


Started out back in 2018, our first -ever central office of PixelKey Studios was my home. Just like creativity attracts creativity , amazing creatives joined us which resulted in the whole Creative PixelKey Family.

Who are we now?

We are the brand close to the heart of many customers, and a conceptual videos solution provider. Our in-house team has amazing artists and yes we all share the same goal : to bring your ideas into life and to build a bond that can’t be expressed by words , only by video.That’s what we love to do everyday.


We animate visual concepts, using advance techniques, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers also combine art and technology to communicate ideas through illustrations and the layout of script and storyboard.


At our core, PixelKey operates an imagination, individuality, inclusivity and impact.


At PixelKey, we create magic, we dream it and bring it into existence together & everyday reinventing what ’s possible.

Le Tricolore Smartwatch
Let us help you to stand out from the competition by providing you an effective, an interesting way to engage your customers via Animated Videos, which defines your brand values.



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Fred Kinney, Designer

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