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flow updated-01-01

Stage 1


Script writing is all about understanding the gist of the events happening in an animation video and writing it in a script form. It includes lines about the sequence of events taking place and forming a storyline with a plot. It includes all the concept of the scenes with it’s description and dialogues that is to be used in animation.
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Stage 2


As the name suggests storyboard is a representation of the still pictures on a board. It is actually making a plan for people to understand the sequence of the scenes and the storyline that goes in one’s mind and is planned accordingly before actually implementing it in a video.
flow updated-01-03

Stage 3


Voice over woks as a narration in the background of the animation video. Voice over depicts the event that is taking place at a certain point of time in the story.
flow updated-01-04

Stage 4


Illustration is actual making of the scenes including characters, background, style and describing every single detail that is to be shown in animation. Illustration is all about the still images of the scenes of a story or the subject it is designed for.
flow updated-01-05

Stage 5


Animation is the exploitation of the pictures to make it appear in the form of moving images. In this several frames are combined and are converted into continuous motion.
flow updated-01-06

Stage 6


After the compliment of animation in after effects the all the work done is placed in a series termed as composition. It includes everything from audio, video, voice and texts.


Starting form script writing the data required for the animatio n is completely understood first, after which comes the storyboard which involves sketching of the scenes in a sequence.

After making the storyboard, scenes are then implemented in a illustrator. This illustrated scenes are then converted to motion pictures and animation is completed.

For proper understanding of the video each scene is added with a voice over. Once the voice over is completed and after all the editing we get the final composition.

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